why do we it?

In the 21st Century, there is no room for counting Megabytes while surfing the internet.

We believe internet should be enjoyed freely without the fear of losing or finishing your data. That is why at poa!, we offer unlimited data plans that start at just KES 10. With the freedom of not counting MBs, you can focus more on truly enjoying and taking advantage of the internet whether you’re watching a movie, doing some work or just casually surfing the net.

"We believe the move to such cheap unlimited data will transform the way our customers use the internet."

poa internet graphic

How do we do it?

We build and own our own networks and typically go to places where the big guys don't bother to go to.

Using the latest wifi technology allows we’re able to offer the most affordable, reliable and unlimited internet services for a fraction of the cost of other internet service operators. Our team has designed the entire business to offer the lowest cost possible to deliver our service. Most of the other ISPs have costs from traditional telecoms operations. After all, how often would you phone Facebook if you have an issue? You don’t, you email them, or WhatsApp them. Many of these existing companies are stuck in the past, at poa!, we do things differently.

"Every step of the way is to save money & pass the savings on to the customer."