The UKO poa! has been built for you to run your own customers, as your own business.

The app links your customers' accounts to your dashboard and runs a statement of the rewards you have earned from their Internet buying.

But it also gives them credits too for being your customer. So everyone wins from Tujengane.

How much can you earn?

There is no limit to how much you can earn from your customers. If you earn Sh1,500 a month, you can use it to have a permanent broadband connection at your own home and free use of all of UKO poa's thousands of street hotspots, all paid for by your customer credits.

Or, you can just use your earnings for street Wi-Fi. Every time you earn Sh10, you get an hour of unlimited Wi-Fi on any of UKO poa's hotspots.

How do you earn credits?

The app lets you send invites to all your contacts across multiple platforms. When they download the app and register, you earn a credit of Sh10 or an hour of free internet.

Then, every time your customer buys WiFi you earn a credit of 10% of what they spend.

If they choose to get a broadband connection, you get a one-time credit of Sh500.

If they stay on public Wi-Fi, you get a 10% commission on their buying forever.

But they also get 10% credits for having signed up from your referral, also forever.