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Fast, affordable, unlimited internet for Kenya


1. Enter your mobile number

2. Enter the four-digit confirmation code we send via SMS

3. Pick a username

4. Enter your 4 digit PIN

5. Confirm your 4 digit PIN

6. If you are on the poa! network name your device

7. Buy a plan via Lipa na M-Pesa

25MB for 10 KES, 60MB for 20 KES, 160MB for 50 KES, 350MB for 100 KES, 800MB for 200 KES, 2GB for 500 KES, 5GB for 1,000 KES, 20GB for 3,000 KES

8. And you are online!

Poa! Plans

Truly unlimited internet; no more counting Megabytes!
Simple and affordable data plans.
1 day means 24 hours from when you activate, it will NOT stop at midnight.
Fast and reliable.

25MB for 10 KES, 60MB for 20 KES, 160MB for 50 KES, 350MB for 100 KES, 800MB for 200 KES, 2GB for 500 KES, 5GB for 1,000 KES, 20GB for 3,000 KES

How to get data plans
1. Click the get data plan button
2. Choose one of our great plans
3. Select the plan and confirm purchase

1. Pick the amount of the plan of your choice
2. Buy credit for the amount via Lipa na M-Pesa

Poa! Home

Great news! Poa! internet now also available in your home!
You can now have unlimited internet from the comfort of your home. We have started rolling out in selected buildings in Kibera and Kawangware.
Truly unlimited internet in your home.
Simple and affordable data plan, 1500 KES a month.
To sign up pay installation fee of 1500 KES PLUS the first month, so 3000 KES in total*.
Fast and reliable, easily stream movies, watch YouTube without problems.
Free access to public WiFi if you have this service.
High quality WiFi router in your home, you control it.
Internet in your home for your friends and family, up to 5 devices at the same time.


We are currently rolling out our poa! home service. We are doing this building per building.
If you want to enjoy unlimited and affordable internet to your home, click on the link below.
You can leave your details and once we come to your building, we will then contact you.
Poa! Home service form
*This is the installation fee for a multi tenant unit (large apartment building). If you are living in a single tenant unit where you are the only one in the compound, the installation fee is 7000 KES plus 1500 KES for the 1st month

Customer care

We love our customers and want to look after you. You can get help via:
Poa! portal: go to in your browser. Sign in. Click the Get Help button and get help. If you are on our network, you can access us without an active data plan.
Face to face: Look out for our poa! staff wearing purple.
Social Media: Connect and send us a message on Facebook (poa.internet) and Twitter (poa_kenya).
Email: Send us an email to Please remember to include your registered phone number so we can quickly identify you.


We are currently in Kibera and Kwangware.
We are increasing coverage all the time so if you’d like coverage in your area, send us your location to and we’ll see what we can do.

About Us

Beyond providing access to the internet for everyone, Poa_LogoInline internet is about the community.

Poa kwangu, poa kwetu

  • We provide free internet access to schools and other community locations
  • We employ people from the community to be part of our growing team
  • We support community arts, sports and businesses