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Our poa! support teams are here to help you if you have any issues with your poa! service or you are looking for more detailed information about us.

Please contact us on our WhatsApp support number:

0730 762762

We’ve Upgraded Our poa! home Service

What is the Upgrade?

We have listened to you and we are upgrading our poa! home service to make it Faster, More Flexible, & Even Better Value.
We have increased our speed from 4Mbps to 5Mbps so that you will experience smoother streaming, better browsing, less buffering and faster downloads.
More Flexible:
We have introduced three flexible subscription plans to cater for your diverse needs and help you navigate the financial uncertainty life sometimes provides:

NEW Weekly Plan: We’re the first home internet provider in Kenya to officially offer a WEEKLY plan. Our Weekly Subscription Plan is available to everyone and gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Monthly Plan: Our regular Monthly Subscription Plan is now even better value than before, reducing your price per MB even further.

NEW Saver Plan: If you Pay on Time you save even more each month. Most of our customers already pay on time (or pay early), so if you join them on our new Saver Plan you receive an additional discount every month meaning even more savings.

Total Flexibility: Another first from poa based on your feedback, you now have the ability to remain in total control of your finances as they move. You can now change between these three plans whenever you want and as many times as you like simply by logging into ( Changing your plan takes seconds, you choose what you pay, when you pay it.

Even Better Value:
Our Installation Fee is now permanently Kes. 1000 off at only Kes. 2500, lowering the cost for you to access unlimited internet.

Our NEW Weekly Plan is only Kes. 450, giving you the lowest possible entry price point for anyone wanting to access unlimited home internet in Kenya.

Our Regular Monthly Plan is now just Kes. 1750 for Speed Boost 5mbps, meaning a considerable reduction in the price per Mbps. You now pay just Kes. 350 per Mbps reduced from our previous price of Kes. 375 per Mbps.

Our NEW Saver Plan is only Kes. 1575 saving you even more, every time you pay on time you receive an additional discount of Kes. 175, reducing your cost per Mbps down to just Kes. 315.

Our Upfront Costs to get connected are now reduced from Kes. 5000 to Kes. 4075 and include our Best Value Monthly Saver Plan.

From your second month of service, you can choose any of the three flexible subscription plans and continue to change them as frequently as you like, as and when your finances demand.

Why is this upgrade happening?

You asked, and we listened.

At poa!, our mission as always is to give you the best, and most cost-effective home experience in Kenya, so that as many people as possible can get online with unlimited internet.

As your needs change, our services must adapt and keep in line with progress, these upgrades reflect what our customers have been asking for.

With this upgrade, you will get:

Smoother streaming, better browsing, faster downloads and less buffering with faster speeds,

The ability to seamlessly switch between monthly and weekly subscriptions as and when you choose for the times when you don’t want to break the bank or are travelling, giving you total control of your spending and internet consumption,

Even better value price per MB for every internet subscription you choose, whether Weekly, Saver or Monthly,

Our new Saver Plan offers you the best value of all, with a 25% speed boost for a 15% price reduction.

Why did you change this so soon after they purchased the service?

At poa! we are always endeavouring to give you the best service at the best prices whenever we can, and this upgrade gives you even better value than before. If you log into we have shared a loyalty reward for your continued support.

Can I pay for the new WEEKLY plan on my first sign-up?

No, our monthly Saver Plan is provided when you first sign up to give you access to a whole month of our best-value unlimited offering. From your second month, you can flex and choose which of the three flexible subscriptions you wish to use and switch back and forth as your needs change.

Can I change my subscription whenever I want?

Yes! All you need to do is simply:
i. Type into your browser
ii. Enter your Username and PIN (If you have forgotten your username/ PIN click “forgot username/PIN” and follow the prompts)
iii. Once you are logged in, select the ‘Change Plan’ button.
iv. Select your preferred plan and follow the prompts to completion.
v. For more detailed instructions, watch this video.
vi. Don’t forget, in case of any other challenges, please WhatsApp us for support at 0730762762

Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can switch between Monthly and Weekly packages?

No! The magic of these new plans is that there are no restrictions, you can switch plans as many times as you want after your first month. We are giving you the ultimate flexibility to help you stay in control. Just simply visit any time you want to change your plan, and whether before or after your subscription expires, you remain in control.

What if I want to switch to the Weekly subscription but my Monthly subscription has not yet expired?

The beauty of our new plans is that you can switch to different subscriptions at any time. Once you switch plans in, all you need to do is ensure that the required amount of money for your new plan is in your wallet (visible in With money in your wallet in time, once your existing plan expires, you will be automatically renewed onto your new plan.

What happens if I have not renewed my subscription for a while and I want to reopen my account?

All you need to do is simply log onto, confirm your preferred package, and add the specified amount to your account. You will be renewed automatically.

Will my subscription change automatically between weekly and monthly based on how much money I have in my account?

No, your subscription will not change automatically between weekly and monthly based on your account balance. If you wish to stay on the same plan, simply send the money as usual and your subscription will renew, if you wish to change your plan, you'll need to log in to to make the switch between Monthly and Weekly subscriptions.

Your current subscription will remain active until you decide to change it, if your account has enough funds, you will be automatically renewed on your current plan unless you make a different selection.

Do I have to log into to select my preferred subscription every single month?

No, if you are continuing with your current subscription and have enough funds in your wallet, your subscription will be automatically renewed once your previous subscription expires. You only have to log into and select your preferred subscription if you want to change from Weekly to Monthly or vice versa.

Why am I not seeing the Saver subscription on

You are only eligible for the Saver plan if you currently have an active subscription.

If you have an active subscription, you will be able to choose between Weekly or Monthly Saver. If your subscription has expired, you will be able to choose between Weekly and our Monthly Regular. All of these plans still offer even better value than before and all offer a saving per MB over our previous offerings.

Can I continue to use my existing equipment (modem/router) with the upgraded speeds?

Yes, your service will automatically be upgraded on your existing equipment..

Will the relocation price change?

Yes, our relocation price has also been reduced from Ksh. 3000 to Ksh. 2000.

What is the best way to reach you for support?

Whatsapp us on 0730762762. We are available every day from 6am-midnight.

Broadband FAQ's

How do I access my account?

1. On your browser, log onto
2. In case you’ve forgotten your login details, click on ‘Forgot your username’ for a reminder and ‘Forgot your PIN’ to create a new one.

Video link:

Remember you can access from any browser except Opera mini

I have forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?

1. Type into your web browser.
2. Click on “Forgot PIN”.
3. Enter your registered phone number in the space provided.
4. You will get an SMS from poa! with a link message.
5. Click on the link and create your new pin.

Follow steps on the video below:

I have forgotten my Username, how do I find it?

1. Type into your web browser.
2. Click on ‘Forgot Username’ for a reminder.
3. You will be asked to enter your mobile number.
4. Put in the number you signed up with and click “Request PIN rest”.
5. You will receive free SMS with your new PIN.

How do I change my Password?

1. Log onto
2. Click on 'Help & Support'.
3. Select 'Change your Home Wi-Fi Password' and follow the instructions to completion

My phone number has changed, how do I change it in my poa! account?

1. Log in to your account ( ) with your Username and PIN.
2. Click on My settings
3. Change the phone number listed as your primary number
4. Alternatively, you can leave the primary number unchanged and add a secondary number.

How do I pay for my poa! services?

Go to:
Lipa na Mpesa
Select Paybill
Enter 7769384
Enter the poa! Registered Number as account number
Key in the amount
Enter your Mpesa PIN then click 'Send'


Your Mpesa Menu
Select Lipa na Mpesa
Select Buy Goods and Services
Enter the Till no. 311554
Key in the amount
Enter your PIN then click 'Send'

Remember when using Till:
Use the same Mpesa number that is registered to your account.
In case you want to use a different number, log in to your account.
Click on 'My settings' then select 'Change phone numbers'.
You can either change your primary number or add a secondary number. You may then proceed to make payment.

What happens if I pay for my subscription using a different number?

You will need to add the number to your account:

1. Log onto
2. Click on 'My settings'
3. Select 'Change phone numbers'.

You can either change your primary number or add your secondary number.
Incase you require any assistance from the customer care team, share a copy of your ID and a screenshot of the error message received when trying to edit the details. Send it to our Whatsapp number: 0730762762

How do I know the due date for my home WIFI account?

To know when you’re due:

1. Log in to on your browser with your username and PIN.
2. Click on 'My Account' to know the number of days left plus how much you have in your poa! account.

Can I pay my subscription in instalments?

Yes! Any amount of money that you pay through your poa! registered phone number goes directly to your account. The top-up will accumulate until you have enough money for the subscription you have selected, be it weekly or monthly.

If your subscription is due, and you have enough funds for the subscription you have chosen, we will automatically purchase another subscription for you.

You can always check the balance by logging onto

I am moving from one area to another, how do I take my internet connection with me?

Whatsapp customer care (0730762762) to inform us of the move.

Relocation within the same building is KES 1,000.

Relocation to a different building costs KESKES. 2,000.

Also, please ensure you have an active subscription to allow for testing once the re-installation is complete.

N/B: You cannot relocate yourself (move with your equipment and install) as you cannot tell where our masts are and what’s the best angle to point your outdoor unit towards

How do i raise a Ticket?

1. Log onto
2. Go to Help & Support
3. Select Contact poa!
4. Click on Contact Customer Care
5. Fill out the fields, click Send Request

Your ticket will be created and sent to us.

Connection FAQs

Where do we have network coverage?

We are currently covered in over 60 areas across 6 counties i.e Nairobi, Kajiado, Machakos, Kiambu, Nakuru & Mombasa

Click here to see our Network Coverage:

Click here to see the areas that we will be covering soon:

How do I connect my poa! Internet router to access the internet.

This will depend on the setup. There are two setups you could be on:

Set up 1
If you’re the only customer in your building:
1. Make sure the black/purple cable running from the roof is firmly connected to the small white/black adapter on a port written power out/ POE.
2. The adapter also connects to your router from the port written LAN/ data in to port no.1, labelled internet.
3. If this is all correctly powered, the rectangular white/black device should have a steady white/green light.
4. Also ensure the router is powered and connected to a socket

Set up 2
If you’re in a building with many poa! customers, your setup is the simplest. Make sure the black/purple cable running from the roof is in port 1 of your router.
1. For you to know the setup is okay, make sure the router is powered (has a steady power light) and port 1 is blinking.
2. Go to your settings on your device
3. Click on Wi-Fi.
4. Select your network (your WIFI’s username as labelled on your box or at the bottom of your router)
5. Enter your password (labelled on your box or at the bottom of your router) then connect

How do I register a new device on my home Wi-Fi?

1. Go to your settings on your device.
2. Click on Wi-Fi.
3. Select your network (your WIFI’s username as labelled on your box or at the bottom of your router
4. Enter your password (labelled on your box or at the bottom of your router) then connect. If you’ve ever changed your password, use the one that you updated to

How many devices can I connect on my Wi-Fi?

There's no limit to the number of devices that one can connect but the more devices you connect, the slower the speeds as the connection is shared

My internet is very slow, how can I get it to be faster?

You can reduce the number of devices on your connection and ensure there are no apps or torrents running in the background that are consuming your speeds. If this doesn’t improve things, call customer care and we will run a speed test to see if there is a technical problem. If there are several heavy data users in your premises, you can also upgrade to a business connection, which means you can choose what speed you pay for and opt for far higher speeds.

Are there tips for how I can improve my Wi-Fi signal?

1. Make sure your router is an open place i.e not blocked by other household equipment.
2. You can also mount it in a central place to increase coverage across the house. Ensure your connections still remains secure though.
3. Invest in a wi-fi extender if you want to access additional rooms. Here are the recommended extender routers:
TP-Link: Model range starting with TL-WAXXXX
D-Link: Model range starting with DAP-XXXX or DMG-XXXX
Tenda routers Model range starting with APX
4. Restart your connection (from the socket) atleast once a month
5. Turn off or disconnect the devices you aren't using to improve network speeds for those that are using
6. Limit the number of people that you share your password with or update it every once in awhile to kick out unwanted users

Whatsapp us via 0730762762 for further inquiries

Are there tips for how I can improve my Wi-Fi signal?

Make sure your router is an open place and not boxed in by another household equipment. You can also mount it in a central place to increase coverage across the house.

Where’s the best location for my Internet router?

1. Your router should be on a raised ground to improve the signal
2. It should be placed in an open space to prevent blocking the signal. e.g, it should not be behind your TV.
3. It should be placed in a central location to allow you access as many rooms as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the current location, Whatsapp us for further guidance on 0730762762

What is my current internet speed, how do I find out?

We are currently offering up to 5Mbps
To know your current speeds go to
Speeds fluctuate depending on how many devices you have connected at any time and whether something is using the internet when you test, so make sure all devices are disconnected when testing especially no streaming or downloading at the same time as testing.
The more devices you connect and the more movies you stream, the slower the connection will seem

What are the reasons for rebooting my device?

1. To make it function better, especially if they have been working for long without switching them off.
2. It might also have hanged and therefore only need a reboot to function better.
3. It helps shed unwanted devices/ sessions from the network
4. It helps to potentially block malicious software

How do I reboot my device?

1. Switch off your device from your power source
2. Give the device about 2 to 3 minutes
3. Switch it back on

How do I make my internet connection as protected and stable as possible?

Have up to date software and apps all the time
Up to date anti virus software on all devices / TV's and phones
Regularly clean up wifi password shares
Avoid visiting suspicious websites

How can I troubleshoot my internet connection?

1. Ensure the router is powered and blinking with a yellow light. This indicates activity
2. Ensure the adapter (black/ white), that connects the cable from outside to the inside connection has a steady light.
3. Confirm if all the cables are in good condition and are firmly connected on the devices. (You can refer to the sticker on your router to ensure the cables are in the correct ports)
4. If the setup is okay but the internet is still acting up, go through the different devices/ sites to confirm that the issue is not just affecting one device and/or browsers
5. If all devices are affected, restart your router by switching it off from the main power, waiting for 2-3 minutes then turn back it on

If the problem persists, please Whatsapp us on 0730762762

How do I forget my devices on my home internet?

Forget Wi-Fi on Phone/Tablet
1. Turn on Wi-Fi, if it's not already on.
2. Click on Wi-Fi
3. Find the network you want to get rid of
4. Long press it, then choose 'Forget'
To forget a Wi-Fi network on TV
1. From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Wi-Fi.
2. In the Wi-Fi settings screen, tap and hold the name of the network that you want to forget.
3. Tap Forget network in the Context menu that appears.
How to forget wireless networks on the Laptop
1. Click the Wi-Fi Network icon on the lower right corner of your screen.
2. Right click on the network name you want to clear on the list.
Select 'Forget'

How and why should I check that my cable connections are tight?

Loose connections cause service outages. To confirm all your connections are secure, you should hear a click sound once the connector is connected to the port.

Customer Care FAQs

How do I contact customer care?

You may reach us everyday between 6am-midnight via:
1. Whatsapp - 0730762762/ 0730762763
2. Facebook-
3. Twitter
4. Raising a ticket via, under the help and support option

What are the customer care numbers?

Our customer care numbers are 0730762762/ 0730762763

The calls will be chargeable (normal tariffs across different providers). We therefore strongly recommend you Whatsapp (via the same number) us instead

When is the customer care desk open?

We are available everyday from 6am to midnight.

Where are your offices located?

We do not have traditional retail offices like many other companies as we would prefer to operate virtually to keep costs low and pass those savings onto our customers.

We are however a fully registered licenced and regulated ISP and as such you can be sure of the same levels of quality service as those with offices, just with better value services.

If you need information about us or our services or assistance, you may reach us through our customer care channels or send your request through

POA Internet Kenya Ltd,
P.O. Box 42713-00100,
Nairobi, Kenya

How quickly will customer care sort my problem?

We do our best to sort out your issues remotely within 2 hours and within 24 hours if a visit is required

Will I receive a refund for any unutilized days?

Yes, if you fail to receive a service within the first 48 hours after reporting an issue and the fault is deemed to be ours, we shall offer you a refund for every unutilized 24 hours after that

Managing Slow Speeds

Why does my internet speed vary?

1. The number of devices connected. The more devices you connect, the poorer your internet connection will be on each device.
2. If you are connecting/streaming from a heavy website e.g streaming high quality (1080p) movies or videos, it would be best to have only that one device connected for better viewing
3. If you are using a free streaming service for your football streaming we are unable to guarantee the connection as these sites do not guarantee the quality of connection in Kenya.

N/B: If the issue persists, Whatsapp us on 0730762762 for further assistance

Does it make any difference to my speeds if I connect more devices?

Yes. If one device is connected, it will receive speeds of up to 5Mbps for both downloads and uploads.

If you use your connection in other devices, the speeds will be shared among the active devices. This will vary as the number of devices increase since the bandwidth will be shared among these devices

My internet is super slow, how can I get it to be faster?

1. Restart your device (computer/phone)
2. Close unnecessary apps and programs
3. Disconnect other devices
4. Download one file at at a time
5. Update drivers and firmwares
6. Clear cookies

Once this is done, try using the internet once more. If it still gives you an issue, Whatsapp us on 0730762762 for further assistance.

My internet keeps buffering, what do I do to get it working smoothly again?

1. Ensure all your cables for your router connection are firmly connected
2. Manage the number of connected devices and/or what each device is accessing. This will improve your streaming experience.
3. You can also set your videos to auto for the internet to assign them resolution depending on what it can hold at that time.
i. Open the YouTube app on your TV or phone.
ii. Go to Settings.
iii. Scroll to Autoplay.
iv. Click the Autoplay box to turn Autoplay on or off.

How to Change Customer Passwords

How can I change my home Wi-Fi password?

1. Log onto
2. Enter your Username and PIN

If you have forgotten your username click on ‘forgot your username’ and you will receive a text with the username.( see below)
If you have forgotten your pin click on ‘forgot your PIN’ and you will receive a text with link and it will direct you to page to reset the pin (see video below)


3. Once you have logged in, go to the menu bar
4. Click on Help & Support
5. Click on ‘change your Home Wi-Fi password’
5. Follow the instructions provided.
i. Select an alphanumeric password for better security. This means your password should ideally have numbers and letters, and if possible special characters such as #,!,&,*,%.
6. Once done, click on ‘change password’

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