What is Uko poa!

UKO poa! is a service that allows you to access street Wifi in in poa! internetwifi zones through the UKO poa! app.

 You can enjoy free street wi-fi if you have poa! home or business internet. If you do not have poa! home or business internet, you can subscribe to poa!’s affordable street Wi-Fi.

 To save on internet costs, you can use UKO poa! tujengane. This is a revolutionary product that allows you to earn credits, which can be redeemed for internet.

Both you and the new user will get a 10% discount on all the street bundles they buy if you are their referrer. You will earn 10% of everything they spend on street Wi-Fi So if the new user buys 1 hour unlimited internet @ 10 KES, both you and the new user will get 1 KES credit in your poa! account.  You can then use the credits the next time you purchase uko poa bundles.

 Advantages of downloading Uko poa! app

  • Gives you access to thousands UKO poa! Wi-Fi hotspots in the areas we operate

  • Allows you to buy time plans for unlimited data – an hour, a day, a week, a month

  • If you're a poa! Home or Business customer ,you get free internet access at UKO poa! hotspots.

  • You can refer your friends and earn credits every time they buy time plans

  • You can buy a time plan with accumulated credits.




Your Tujengane opportunities

  • The more your friends spend, the more credits you earn

  • Every time your friend buys an Uko poa! plan, you BOTH get 10% of what they spend as credit into your account

  • For example, if 2 of your referrals have bought a 24-hour bundle (Ksh 50) each, you will receive in total Ksh 10 credit, enough to get 1 hour of free unlimited internet.

How to install the Uko poa! app on your phone

  • You need to be on a UKO poa! Wi-Fi zone or have an active data bundle.

  • If on a UKO poa! zone, select the UKO poa! Wi-Fi signal where you will be redirected to a login/register page. (uko.poa.im)

  1. Input your phone number and click signup. A poa! verification code will be sent to you via text

  2. Input the code in the code text field.

  3. You will then be required to fill in your preferred username and password

  4. In the next page, key in your referrer’s username

  5. A confirmation message welcoming you to poa! Internet will be sent to you via text.

  6. After registration, you will then be prompted to download the app.  

  • If using an active data bundle, go to playstore, search for Uko poa! app on the playstore and install it. Signup using the above procedure.

  • If you had been referred by a user, you will get KSH 10 to start off. You can use this to buy an hour of internet!

Registration via the Uko poa! app and uko.poa.im

  1. Open uko.poa.im on your browser or the UKO Poa! App on your phone

  2. Go to sign up new customer.

Website image 1.png

3. Enter your M-Pesa registered number

Website image 2.png

4. Enter the four digit code you have received

Website image 3.png

5. Create your preferred username

Website image 4.png

6. Create your preferred pin

Website image 5.png

7. Enter your referrers username and press finish  (or skip if none).

Website image 6.png

8. The page below will be displayed, where you get to download the app


Installing the UKO poa! app on your device.

  1. Click the download button at the end of the registration process

  2. Allow the app to install application from unknown sources. Go to phone settings, security and enable/click on Install Apps from unknown sources.

  3. Once application is complete, launch/open app and sign in to enjoy UKO Poa! Service

Website design 1.JPG

Installation process

Website design 2.png

UKO poa! app walk through


Once you log in to the app, you will be taken to the dashboard where you have the following 5 options;

  • Buy a plan – This you can buy from either via M-pesa or your earnings(credit)

  • Send invites – You can send to your friends

  • Tell me more on how to subscribe to home or business broadband – Gives you an option to select if you would like to be contacted for poa! broadband service. Once you click on it, the poa! team will reach out to you to give you more information on our broadband services and sign you up.

  • Find a hotspot - This allows you to find all the Uko poa! hotspots nearby

Website design 3.png
  • Tujengane- How to earn poa! credit

website design 4.png


Once you click on you will be able to access the following features as shown in the screen shot;

  • My earnings

  • My account

  • My referrals

  • Buy a plan


  • Get help

  • Log out

Website design 5.png

My earnings

This shows your balance based on the credits you have earned and your direct top up.

As a first-time customer, poa! internet rewards you with Sh10 that can help you access 1 hour of poa! wifi in a poa! wifi zone

website design 6.png

My account

Shows your personal details, such as, phone number, pin and other personal details and gives you an option to change the personal details

It also shows your transaction history based on your earnings and subscriptions

website design 8.png

My referrals

This allows you to see all your referrals who have signed up and those who have not. It also allows you to send your referral code to friends on Whatsapp, messages, email, bluetooth, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

website image 7.png

Buy a plan

This shows the different Uko poa! internet packages which you can select from and the prices and how to pay for them.

website image 8.png

Earning credit from Tujengane

  1. Get a friend to download and register the Uko poa! app. The friend will key in your referral code (this is your username) or us the link you shared and automatically becomes your referral.

  2. Your friend can now select and subscribe for either street wifi, home or business broadband.

  3. If your friend downloads and installs the app, both you and the friend get KSH 10 credit.

  4. For every subsequent purchase that your friend makes you will get 10% of the purchase made.


If your friend signs up for home broadband and gets installed, you both earn a one-time discount of Sh500. Your friend will have Sh500 credit that he can use for the next month, and your account will also be credited with Sh500.


  • Credit earned can be used on street plans and for both home and business broadband subscriptions.

  • There are no limits to the number of new subscribers you can sign up.